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Get out of that fixed rate or high interest you are now paying now that rates are down at all time lows  Learn how to modify your current mortgage and save money now and with future lower payments.

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News Alert: Higher risk loans may be harder to get with some mortgage companies. With many foreclosures people are now trying to refinance at these lower interest rates but may be stuck if they cannot find the bank to back them. There is also the problem of the banks not giving money to other banks.

Could FHA backed loans be the new Sub-Prime?

This market is bad for obtaining home loans but what about refinancing when the value of your home has dropped and the overall market is bad.  Here is Our Take.

Loan Hype? See what the big movement is about Peer-to-Peer lending and if it takes the place of your mortgage company. Also, there is lots of talk surrounding combining loans and customized loan structures including borrowing for a VA and conventional loan.

Special Information for Arizona, Hawaii, Maryland Residents.

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